Reactions to Wine Preservatives 

Wine without the sulphitesMany people are sensitive to sulphur dioxide commonly known as sulphites/sulfites, but may not even be aware of this. Reactions to sulphites include headaches (wine headache), flushing of the face, IBS, and nausea. Some people may also experience shortness of breath, wheezing, and nose stuffiness. Many people put these reactions down to “hangovers”.  As sensitivity varies from individual to individual the extent of the reaction will vary, but even our most sensitive customers confirm that SO2GO wine preservative remover, makes their morning after more manageable. By neutralising/lowering preservatives, we may prevent the nasty symptoms caused by wine sensitivities.

Find out more about how SO2GO, wine preservative remover has helped our wine allergy sufferers, and can help you, on our  Testimonials page. See how you  can enjoy a glass of  preservative free wine, without the unpleasant side effects.