Sulphur compounds are used in wine as preservatives in order to avoid bacteria in the wine storage vats from causing spoilage. These compounds can stop wild yeast and bacteria from spoiling the wine and they can stop the wine from oxidizing. However, these sulphur based preservatives can cause issues and allergic reactions in some people.

preservative 220 side effects

Sulphur dioxide 220 is one of these preservatives. It is often added to wine that you can buy in Canada. It can also be found in dried apricots, fruit juice drinks, dried vegetables, vinegar, chutney and other products. The sulphur is added because it has a practical purpose – it makes the wine last longer and it prevents spoilage.

However, it can also have a very negative effect on the wine drinker and can make them react badly. You might have had these reactions to wine before and attributed them to a hangover, but there might be more to the story.

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What Are the Side Effects of Preservative 220?

Some people report that they experience severe headaches, even after consuming the smallest amount of sulphites. People with asthma are particularly sensitive to this type of preservative. It is listed as one of the top allergens on the Health Canada website and many people have reported negative responses to it.

There are a number of other preservative 220 side effects that have been noted by wine drinkers, prompting some to drink only preservative free white wine and red wine.

Some people report flushing of the face, headaches and nausea. Others have said that the wine causes them to have shortness of breath, nose stuffiness and wheezing. The sensitivity to this allergen varies depending on the individual.

So how can you avoid experiencing a negative reaction to preservatives when you are enjoying wine? You can buy sulphite free wine. Another option is to use a product such as SO2GO, which can be added to wine and will eliminate the preservatives. It is odour free and tasteless, so it will not affect your enjoyment of the wine. It comes in a packet and it can be easily added to your wine. It works to virtually create preservative free white wine, red wine or any other type of wine.

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How does it work? The SO2GO saturates the wine with oxygen. This infusion of oxygen binds to the sulphites and neutralizes them. This leaves you with pure sulphite free wine and none of the preservatives. So, if you love enjoying wine but you often experience these side effects, using this special packet of SO2GO can allow you to drink a delicious glass of wine without the preservative 220 side effects.