About SO2GO

SO2GO is a completely safe and natural product, which reduces the preservatives in wine, champagne, beer & cider. This reduction in the preservatives, can help prevent side effects including hangover headaches, Asian flush, wheezing, stuffy nose,  hives and other reactions to wine.

How to use it!

It's so easy.  SO2GO comes in a sachet or a spray bottle that fits conveniently in your pocket or handbag. Just add a sachet of SO2GO to a bottle of wine or  treat a glass of wine to 2 sprays from the bottle. Swirl & enjoy!

Where can I buy it?

SO2GO is available from select liquor stores, pharmacies and health food stores across the world. Click through to our Stockists page to find an outlet that stocks SO2GO near you. Ask your local bottle shop to contact us for details. Now available in all Dan Murphy's stores across NSW and ACT!!

" Wine preservative free drops with SO2GO - Enjoy your suplhite free wine! "

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What SO2GO does to Sulphur

SO2GO oxidises the active wine preservative, Sulphur Dioxide gas, significantly reducing the sulphur dioxide preservatives.
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